3 Jewelry Issues That Are Easy To Repair

Jewelry is one of the most important accessories that can enhance beauty. However, certain jewelry pieces are often subjected to wear and tear over time, making it necessary to repair them. For some, the prospect of a broken or damaged piece of jewelry seems like an insurmountable problem. But sometimes, minor issues can be sorted at home, while others require professional assistance. Discover three jewelry issues that are easy to repair and won't dent your pocket.

Signs That Your Old Jewelry Is Actually Worth Something

If you have older jewelry sitting around, you may be considering selling it for some extra cash. But not all older jewelry is worth much. Some are just "costume jewelry," made with cheap materials that you can't really resell for a lot. So, how can you tell whether your old jewelry has value or not? Your best bet is to take it to a professional appraiser. However, you can also look for these signs that a piece is likely to have value.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Solve A Lot Of Issues

Buying a diamond can be quite a process, and quite expensive, if you're looking for something rare or of extremely good quality. There are also some ethical issues that are mainly in the past but still influence how many buyers see diamonds today. Lab-grown diamonds solve a lot of these issues. These are real diamonds, just grown in a lab instead of in dirt and rock, and that lab origin is behind the stones' benefits.

5 Myths About Diamond Engagement Rings

If you're in the market for an engagement ring, you've probably heard a lot of conflicting information about diamonds. So how can you sort out the facts from the fiction? Here are five common myths about diamond engagement rings debunked.  Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend This popular saying might make for a good movie title, but it's not necessarily true in real life. While many people do love diamonds, there are plenty of other gemstones out there that make beautiful engagement rings.

Reasons To Invest In A Natural Golden Diamond Ring

Beautiful jewelry can last for years to come. If you want to get the most out of your experience when you buy jewelry, then consider a natural golden diamond ring. This is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn in many ways and doesn't have to be expensive. The higher the karat amount, the more gold is in your genuine golden diamond ring, so you can decide what you can buy based on your budget.