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Shopping For An Antique Engagement Ring? Two Classic Styles For Distinctly Different Gals

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Are you shopping for an antique engagement ring? There are beautiful and unique rings to be had at vintage shops and estate sales, but do you know how to tell when they were made and what style to pick for your intended? Here are two styles, from the Victorian to the flapper eras, so you can select the perfect ring for your perfect gal. The Two Basic Styles from the Mid-19th Century to 1930 From the Victorian era until the start of the Great Depression, there were basically two styles of engagement rings that were popular. Victorian and Edwardian styles, named after British monarchs of the time, were more ornate and look old-fashioned by today’s standards. By the end of World War I, however, styles were becoming more modern, and by the start of the Roaring ’20s, jewelry had a distinctly more streamlined, Art Deco look. To choose the right engagement ring when you propose, think about which of these two styles would suit your prospective fiancee. If she favors more flowing, Romantic styles of clothing and decor, a Victorian or Edwardian ring is probably more appropriate. However, if she’s a minimalist or likes a more sleek look, she’s bound to love a 1920s ring. Three-Stone Settings Three-stone engagement ring settings probably look most alike from the mid-1800s through the ’20s, but there are subtle differences between them. Look at the settings for the rings; if the diamonds are more raised, they are from the Victorian or Edwardian period, but if they sit more flush with the setting and if they have tiny diamonds on the side of the band, the ring is probably from the ’20s. Cluster Rings Cluster rings are another style where the setting can tip you off as to their date of origin. A cluster ring typically features one round stone (a diamond or another precious gemstone) surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. In a Victorian or Edwardian ring, the surrounding diamonds are usually held in place with prongs, and the center stone tends to be more faceted. However, in a ring from the flapper era, the setting will look more modern, with the center gem having fewer facets and the encircling diamonds held by the band’s metal in a petal shape. Halo Styles Halo-style rings are almost exclusively a 1920s look, so if you see one, you’ll know when it was first designed. A halo ring has a diamond or precious stone in the center with concentric circles around it. Sometimes, these are tiny diamonds or gems, but often the halo is made of one solid material, like jet or coral. Square Settings Square settings, sometimes called box settings, usually consisted of one square-cut diamond placed atop an intricate diamond band during the Victorian and Edwardian times. During the 1920s, the setting became more geometric looking, and often the central square diamond was placed at the top of a stairstep-like mounting, a bit like the spire of New York’s Chrysler Building. Once you start looking at antique and estate engagement rings carefully, you’ll start to notice the subtle differences between them, as above. And when you find just the right ring for the love of your life, it will look like it was made just for her, even if it is more than...

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3 Tips To Care For Your Gold And Silver Pieces

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When you need to be certain that you are doing your best to care for your gold and silver jewelry pieces, it will require you to be mindful of some ideas about cleaning, storage and overall care of your jewelry. Doing this will allow you to retain the value of your jewelry and will make sure that you are able to keep them for years, always getting the most out of it. Following these tips below will be helpful to you, so read on.  Tip #1: Be Careful About The Way That You Wear Your Jewelry In order to make the most of your silver and gold jewelry pieces, you should show some care each and every time that you wear them. For one, always be mindful to remove your jewelry pieces when doing any kind of strenuous activity. Even if you are used to handling such a task, your jewelry is always vulnerable. If you wear makeup or any sort of cosmetic products, make sure that you apply them prior to putting your jewelry back on. Further, always make sure that you stay out of the pool, sauna or hot tub any time that you are wearing such jewelry.  Tip #2: Learn Some Gentle Remedies For Cleaning Your Jewelry When you want to be sure that your jewelry remains brilliant and free of marks and blemishes, you will need to be vigilant about cleaning them often. However, make sure that you avoid using jewelry cleaners that come with harsh chemical ingredients because they will continuously damage your jewelry, doing more harm than good. You can use a number of cleaning remedies, such as alka seltzer, baking soda, club soda and even beer. These gentle ingredients will allow you to thoroughly clean your gold and silver pieces on a regular basis.  Tip #3: Get A Maintenance Package And Insurance Policy On Your Jewelry To keep your jewelry at its best and cleanest, you should always make sure that you invest in an insurance policy and a maintenance package for your jewelry pieces. This will let you keep your pieces looking bold and full of color. You can take your gold and silver pieces to a professional jeweler who can give you frequent cleanings, polish and adjustments as you need them. If you’re looking to sell to a company like Gold for Cash, the jeweler can also give you an appraisal. Use these three tips in order to be sure that your gold and silver jewelry stay in great...

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3 Easy Ways To Protect The Value Of Your Watch In The Long Run

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Investing in a high-end, collectible timepiece is one of the most enjoyable investments one can make, and unlike other long-term investments like a 401(k) or a stock position, you can enjoy your watch and its usefulness every day for decades. However, when it comes time to cash in on your investment, or even move up in the world of horology, you might find yourself with less than you thought if you haven’t been giving your watch the TLC it deserves. Here are four simple ways to protect the value of your watch from its first wind to antique status.  Never Polish It While this one might sound counter intuitive, true watch aficionados, including appraisal experts, will be able to tell if a watch has been polished. Polishing will invariably change the grain of the metal on the watch, and anything that separates a watch from its factory condition is seen as detrimental to its value. If your watch starts to look tarnished or run-down, a rinse with soapy water will do the trick if it’s waterproof, or some fine cleaning with a cotton swab if it won’t handle water.  Wear it Often Another one that might not make immediate sense, wearing your watch every day is very important to its well being. This piece of advice applies mostly to automatic watches, but mechanical watches will benefit from the same idea, you’ll just have to hand wind it often. A watch will run best when it is at least half wound, and wearing it every day will surely achieve this goal. If you have too big a collection to wear each watch everyday, investing in a watch winder will pay for itself in saved value.  Be Careful With Repairs Going back to the first point, anything that detracts from the original condition of the watch will be seen as value-lowering. This especially includes repairs like those made to the dial or the hands, which are very easy to spot to the trained eye. As a general rule, only take your watch to be cosmetically repaired when its function is impeded, and even then only to a certified dealer, or send it to the manufacturer itself. Nothing ruins the value of a quality watch like a shoddy repair job. If you plan on reselling your watch in the future, it’s never too early to start preparing for your appraisal meeting. This means that you can start helping your watch pay you back the second you get it by strapping it on for an extra few minutes or returning that bottle of polish you just bought at the hardware store. When you’re finally ready to sell, contact a professional buyer, like The Gold Miner, for an...

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Quick Tips For Making Money With Old Jewelry

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If you have some old jewelry sitting around the house that is not doing you any good, you might want to consider various ways that you can make money with it. After all, most people could use a little extra cash. Take a moment to review the following quick tips so that you can be well on your way to making a little extra spending money. Turn It In For Cash For Gold The jewelry must be solid gold, not plated gold. If you are unsure as to which kind you have, your local cash for gold shop will be able to assist you. The amount of money that you can get for your gold jewelry will depend on several factors, including the karat of the gold, the weight of it, and the current market prices for gold. Basically, the higher karat of gold that you have and the more you have of it, the more cash you will likely be able to put into your pocket. The nice thing about this is that the jewelry can be broken into a lot of little pieces because it will be melted down by the buyer anyways. To learn more, contact a cash for gold company like Estate Buying Group – Harry H. Solomon Co, Inc. Turn It Into Something Else Do you have some old button-style earrings? Maybe you have a charm bracelet where the bracelet is bad but the charms are still in great shape. Whatever it is, if it is pretty and could be used for something else – it is worth a try. For example, you can add old bracelet charms to the side of plain candles for a more customized look and sell those at your next yard sell. You could even take a few odds and ends from old pieces of jewelry and create a unique necklace to sell online. Sell It As A Lot For People Who Craft You will find that there are going to be some people online who are looking for lots of old jewelry for sale. Odds and ends of various pieces, both broken and in tact, would be a great find for individuals who like to come up with their own special creations to call their own. Therefore, if you have a good handful, or more, of old jewelry, you can take a picture of all of it together and list it online for sale. You can create a set price or sell it under a bidding format to see just how much money you can get for it. With those few quick tips in mind, you should have no problem getting a little bit of money for the old jewelry that you have sitting around the...

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Find A Liberty Head Nickel Among Your Coins? A Few Fun Facts About It

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The Liberty Head nickel was officially minted from 1883 to 1912. However, there was a die created for 1913 for these coins, even though the Buffalo nickel had already been declared as the new nickel. Only five Liberty Head nickels were made using the 1913 die. If you have somehow managed to have one of these among your coin collection, you should have it examined by an expert before starting to spend the fortune it is worth. This is one of the most highly counterfeited coins in the United States. Here are a few other fun facts about the Liberty Head nickel. Cheaters Turned them into $5 Coins Originally, the Liberty Head nickel had the Roman numeral “V” on its reverse. This was also used for the gold Half Eagle five-dollar coin. Some inventive people decided to paint the nickels gold and pass them off to unsuspecting people as the five-dollar coins. Once this deception was discovered, the mint changed the reverse of the nickel to include the word “cents” under the “V.” Mint Marks The Liberty Nickel was minted at the Philadelphia mint exclusively until 1908, at which time it was also minted in San Francisco. In 1911, production began at the Denver mint as well. The mint marks of “S” or “D” are located on the reverse side of the coin in the lower left by the dot before the word “cents.” There is no mark for coins minted in Philadelphia. Low Production Years The years 1885 and 1886 had fewer Liberty Head nickels produced than normal. Most of those minted went directly into circulation and were not kept as collector pieces. For this reason, a very good, or mint condition coin from those years is worth more money than most Liberty Head nickels, though not nearly worth as much as 1913 coin. In 1894, there was another lull in production. However, this time, it was noticed. Coin collectors took to preserving any coins they found, keeping them in as good a condition as possible. They are still worth more than the coins produced in highly produced years. In addition, there were fewer coins minted in 1912 at the San Francisco and Denver mints, making them a bit more valuable. Of course, to have a coin be at its highest value, it must be in excellent condition. If you have some of the common Liberty Head nickels that are not it the best condition, put them in a coin protector immediately. While they might not be worth that much right now, as the years go by, they will be worth more. A nice coin collection can be a very good inheritance, even if only for the enjoyment of the coins. You should consider visiting coin stores like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry to find additional Liberty Head nickels to expand your collection, since a whole collection is often more valuable than a few single...

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Antique Engagement Rings: When Buying Old Is Better Than Buying New

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For some couples, the idea of buying an antique engagement ring will simply be out of the question due to the taboo that often accompanies the purchase of second-hand products. However, truly enlightened couples may discover that buying an engagement ring is one of the rare times in life when buying something old is far better than buying something new. This is because there are many unique benefits that come along with choosing to purchase an antique ring when proposing to the love of your life. Below you will learn more about these benefits so that you can decide for yourself whether or not an antique ring is exactly what your wedding proposal needs. Antique Rings Have A Story Behind Them There are a few stories that you will be asked to repeat time and time again throughout your life, such as the story of how you met your spouse and how you ultimately chose to propose. An antique engagement ring can help you to ensure that this story is one that you will enjoy sharing with all of your family and friends for many years to come. This is because rather than a boring narrative about picking out the perfect ring at a local mall store, you will be able to share the history of the ring that you have chosen and why you felt that it was the perfect symbol of your love. For instance, perhaps the ring was once worn by a queen or has been worn by generations of women who were all happily married for many years. Each Ring Is Unique Many antique rings come from periods of time before jewelry makers had the ability to mass produce their products. As a result, each ring was handcrafted in order to meet the specific needs of a specific customer. This meant that no two women wore the exact same engagement ring. The fact that antique rings are often handcrafted also allows for the use of many setting styles, gems, and diamond cuts that are not commonly used in modern jewelry since these features cannot be easily duplicated using machinery. Nowadays, jewelry companies routinely mass produce their most popular ring styles in order to keep costs down and profits on the rise. This means that the same ring you purchase from a local jewelry store will likely be purchased by thousands of other couples as well. Instead, visit a jewelry store like Morgan Sonsthagen Jewelry Design to pick out a ring that is as one-of-a-kind as your relationship...

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Three Factors To Consider When Buying Your First Guitar

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Learning to play the guitar will open up a whole new world to you. You will learn how to express yourself through music, which can be a great form of self-expression. When you are buying your first guitar, you should not rush into the purchase. You want to be sure that you choose the right guitar for you. Use the following guide to learn how to choose your perfect guitar. Consider the Type When considering your first guitar purchase, you need to consider what type of guitar you want to buy. There are both electric and acoustic guitars available for you to purchase. If you buy an electric guitar, you will need to also invest in an amplifier in order to hear the sound that the guitar makes when you play it. You may also need to invest in a tuner for both types of guitars to ensure that the guitar is always able to make the sweet sound you want it to make. Consider the Size Next, you need to consider the size guitar you want. There are guitars that are smaller in length that are ideal for children or individuals who have short arms. The depth of the guitar needs to be taken into consideration, as well. When buying an acoustic guitar, you want to be sure that it is not too deep for you to be able to easily fit your arm around it when you play it. Consider the Price If you buy a guitar that is brand new from a guitar shop, you need to expect to pay a lot of money for it. Guitars that are in used condition are often just as useful as the ones that are purchased in brand new condition. You can find great guitars at pawn shops that have barely been played and that have a lot of use left in them. The guitars will cost a fraction of what you would pay if you bought them brand new at a guitar shop. Guitars are primarily made for right handed individuals, but don’t be intimidated if you are left-handed though. You can have the guitar restrung to accommodate your left-handedness so that you can create amazing music too. Take the guitar to any guitar shop to have it restrung. The person at the shop will restring it, even though you did not buy it at the shop. It will take a few hours for it to be restrung and then the guitar will be ready to play right...

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Preventing Theft Of Gold Coins And Jewelry

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There is a lot of talk out there about being prepared for the crash of the dollar. Whether that event is actually going to happen or not is anyone’s guess. However, if you feel that collecting gold coins and jewelry is a great investment regardless of conspiracy theories, then you’ll need to know how to protect them from theft. This guide aims to provide some tips on how to choose the best place to hide your coins. Choose Three Hiding Spots Spread your wealth around to various spots around the home. Keeping all your gold in one spot is a robber’s dream come true. Of course, when you are first starting out in collecting, having three different hiding spots might seem pointless. But as your wealth grows, divide it up into three parts. If someone breaks into your home and is lucky enough to find one spot, you’ll still have the other two. Of course, any theft at all isn’t good, but losing a few pieces is better than losing all of them. Don’t Make the Hiding Spots Obvious There are numerous articles and videos telling people where to hide their coins. But they also tell thieves where to look. Choose an area in your home or backyard that most won’t think of. False safes are a good idea, but whatever you do, don’t put a safe in the garage, where a thief can spot it quickly while the door is open. Burying your coins and jewels in a bag could be ideal, but make sure you cover it up with flowers or grass. Otherwise, the area might be easy to spot. Thieves are also not likely to head up to the attic while trying to grab and run, so this might be a good location for one of your hiding spots. Again, don’t make it obvious that you’ve got something to hide. Even if you don’t have a criminal mind, try to think like a thief. Where would you first look in search of valuables such as gold? How long will it take you to get to the stash? If the answers are simple, then think of something harder. Get Insurance Having your coins and jewelry insured won’t prevent a theft, but it can protect your wealth. Most coins are insurable for their current value, and the insurance company will either cut you a check for the amount or replace the items if they are stolen. Keep in mind that, in many cases, deductibles apply, so the insurance company will take the deductible amount off of what they owe you. Take your time when considering where to hide your gold. Ask dealers and jewelers like Ed’s Coins where most people hide theirs so that you’ll gain a few  unique ideas or even learn of common places to avoid. The more unique the hiding spot, the harder time a would-be thief will have when they look for...

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Methods Of Making Quick Cash

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If you have gotten yourself into a predicament where you need immediate cash in your hand, you may be a bit anxious and flustered in trying to figure out where you will be able to obtain it so quickly. In an age where most people rely on credit cards, getting someone to be able to pay you in cash for a sale or service can be a bit tricky. Here are a few places you can look to find cash when you have reason to need it right away. Cash Sales Get on your social media page and make an announcement that you have items for sale for the right price. Specify that anyone interested can come to your home with payment in exchange for the items you have for sale. Go through your home and look for a few items that you think you can part with without being upset. Make the prices extremely low so that people will be apt to jump on the offer. You may need to settle for much less than the value of the items, but you would have cash in hand. Trying to sell on an online auction format is another option. Many auction websites have a feature available where you can sell an item for a set price without the need to bid. Make sure to indicate that you need payment as soon as the item is sold.  Jewelry Sales If you have any gold or silver jewelry or coins in your possession, you may be able to get cash for them by going to a cash for jewelry establishment. The business will have a trained professional available to take a look at your items and they will give you an offer of a price for the pieces you have brought in. The amount you will be offered will be based on the going rate of gold or silver for that day. The company will need to make a bit of a profit, so the amount offered will be a little less than the amount on the gold and silver exchange tables. This is to be expected, however, because you will be able to walk out of the building with the money in your hand. Paying for convenience may be worth it to you if you need the money immediately. Pawn Shop Sales Taking items to a pawn shop is another way to get quick cash. These establishments will take gold, silver and other items of value and give you cash in exchange for the item. The difference with a pawn shop is that if you wish to try to get your belongings back, you will have the option in doing so if you pay the pawn shop back for the money they loan you for the items. If you are unable to make the payment back in time, the pawn shop will get to keep your belongings. Pawn shops will also buy items outright if you do not want to try to get the items...

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Tips on Getting Engagement Ring Insurance

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Engagement ring insurance is a great way to make sure that you will be reimbursed partially or fully should your engagement ring become lost or stolen. This type of insurance is designed to give you peace of mind in case anything should happen to your ring. There are some guidelines you should follow to ensure that you get the best coverage possible, and these will be looked at below. Where can I get engagement ring insurance? Engagement ring insurance can be had from insurance companies that provide jewelry insurance. You can ask your jeweler if they work with a special company. If your jeweler doesn’t work with any special company then you will have to find one on your own. You may also be able to get engagement ring insurance from companies that give homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance companies will often offer enhancements on the policy that will cover jewelry such as engagement rings in case they are accidentally lost or stolen. What documentation will I need to get my ring insured? You will need to have an appraisal from a certified gemologist. You will also need to show your receipt of purchase to the insurance company. These two documents will determine how much the ring will be insured for. What details should I look out for in my policy? Find out if you will still have coverage if you accidentally lose the ring. Some policies will not cover accidental lost and will only cover you if the ring is stolen. You should also ask your insurer if you will receive a check for the value of the ring or if you will have to get a replacement ring at a jeweler of their choice once the ring is reported stolen or lost. Some insurers will not insure your ring at full cost, so you will need to find out about the extent of the coverage being offered. Ask your insurers what type of proof you will need in order to verify that the ring was stolen. What is the average cost of engagement ring insurance? The average cost depends on the type of policy you acquire. An enhancement to a homeowner’s policy will see you paying anywhere from $2 to $15 dollars a year for every $1000 that the ring is worth. If you take out a policy for the ring alone then you could see payments of up to $90 per year for a $6000 ring. Considering the high cost of most engagement rings insuring them is often a wise and affordable choice. Learn more by consulting with resources such as Jackson...

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