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Broken Watch? DIY Or Seek Professional Repair?

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If you’ve recently broken the crystal, strap, or another component of your high-end watch, you may be wondering whether you’re able to repair it yourself. Although it can be tempting to try this to save money, there are certain components that may be easily damaged by a non-experienced repair person. Read on to learn more about the types of watch repairs you can easily perform yourself, as well as several repairs that are best handled by a professional. What watch repairs can you perform yourself? Mechanical watches require...

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Common Questions About Ordering Custom Jewelry Answered

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Jewelry has long been a way for individuals to display their social standing and accessorize their outfits. However, many people are not particularly attracted to the idea of buying mass produced pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, custom jewelry can be purchased from a variety of providers. However, if you have never made this type of purchase before, you may have some questions before you visit the jeweler.  What Should You Expect During The Design Phase? When you first decide to order custom jewelry, you will be required to meet with the...

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