4 Side Designs on Silver Skull Rings

You'll want to focus on the look of the skull itself when you shop for a sterling silver skull ring, but it's important to be aware of other design features that this piece of jewelry may possess. An area that should require your attention is the space to each side of the skull. On some rings, the sides will have a plain design, and this may be a look that suits you. There are other rings, however, that have various decorative elements on each side of the skull. Here are four side designs that you'll often see when you browse silver skull rings online.


Some skull rings feature a cloak design, which can help to give this piece of jewelry even more of a somber, spooky look. The skull itself will commonly have a cloak wrapped around it, with the edges of the cloak fading off to the sides of the ring. The cloak design will usually add a fair amount of thickness to the ring, but this may be a look and feel that suits you.


There are also silver skull rings that feature wings on each side of the skull. The wings will be thick adjacent to the skull, and then taper off as they partially make their way along the band. This design might simply catch your eye, but it may be applicable to you. For example, if you once served in the air force and enjoy decorative items that feature wings, a skull ring with wings on each side of it can be appropriate.

Additional Skulls

The primary focal point of any skull ring is the large skull that will sit on top of your finger, but some rings have additional skulls in various locations. You'll see a lot of designs that feature smaller skulls on each side of the primary skull. This collection of additional skulls can help to give the jewelry a unique look.


It's also common to find skull rings that feature flames on each side of the skull. Like a design that features wings, the flames will be thick next to the skull and taper out as they get farther away. This look can be appealing to many motorcyclists, who often wear apparel that features flame designs. To see examples of each of these types of sterling silver skull rings, as well as browse other options, visit a jewelry store or website.