Top Things You Should Know About Buying An Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If you're in the market for an engagement ring, you might have decided that you want to purchase a traditional diamond engagement ring instead of a ring that features a different stone. Since you made this decision, you may have spent some time checking out different cuts of diamonds. As you probably noticed, there are a variety of diamond cuts that you can choose from. When looking, you might have been interested in the Asscher cut diamond. If you're thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring with an Asscher cut diamond, these are some of the things that you may want to know.

They're Often Cheaper

Buying a diamond engagement ring can be very costly, but certain things impact price. The size of the diamond that you choose for the ring has a major impact. Additionally, the cut of the diamond has an impact as well. Asscher cuts are one of the more affordable diamond cuts when compared to similarly-sized diamonds of other cuts.

You'll Probably Need to Choose a Higher-Quality Diamond

Of course, even though Asscher cut diamonds are typically cheaper than comparable diamonds that are cut in different ways, you might end up spending more on an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. This is because with this cut, in particular, you're probably going to want to purchase a higher-quality diamond if at all possible. Some diamond cuts are great for disguising flaws and imperfections on lower-quality diamonds. This means that with some cuts, such as the princess cut, it's possible to buy a lower-quality diamond and still end up with a very attractive-looking ring. However, because this cut is designed specifically to show off the quality and beauty of the diamond, Asscher cut diamonds can show imperfections more easily. If you're willing to spring for a higher-quality diamond, however, you'll probably love the Asscher cut, since it will allow you to show off the diamond's stunning beauty.

There Are Two Types of Asscher Cuts

Many people think that there is just one type of Asscher cut. However, there are two: the traditional Asscher cut and the Royal Asscher cut. Both of these diamond cuts originally got their name from the Royal Asscher Company. Both diamond cuts have a high crown and multiple facets. However, with the traditional Asscher cut, the diamond has 58 facets. With the Royal Asscher cut, on the other hand, the diamond has a whopping 74 facets. 

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