Are You Ready To Sell Gold To A Gold Buyer?

Whether you have a gold coin collection that you have been wanting to liquidate for some time or you have a few pieces of gold jewelry you no longer wear, you want to make sure you're ready to sell to a gold buyer before you take the plunge. Once money exchanges hands, the transaction is done and you cannot get your money back.

Are you ready to sell gold to a gold buyer? Use this guide to help you confidently make that decision so you know if you're ready to follow through. You'll also find out where to find a great gold buyer for your needs.

You have an idea for what you need money for

In order to sell gold, you have to be motivated to sell. If you are just wanting to explore selling gold to a gold buyer out of curiosity and have no real plans for the profit you make, you might be more likely to take the first offer or not really have an idea for how much money you'd like to get for your gold. Have a plan in mind for the money you make, such as putting a down payment on a car or paying for a home project, so you're more motivated to pay attention to what your current collection is worth and also more motivated to find an eager gold buyer.

You have a valuable collection

This should go without saying, but many people assume they can sell gold to any gold buyer just because they have gold to sell in general. You want your collection to be vast and varied in gold content, from broken jewelry pieces to collectible gold coins, so you can attract a great gold buyer who will see through your collection to the value beneath. Gold buyers often see not just gold in a person's collection — they see rarity value, other precious metals, gemstones, and just unique items worth having, and they're often willing to pay extra for them.

Where to find a gold buyer

Now that you've decided you're ready to sell gold, you have to find a gold buyer. The best gold buyers can be found via positive word of mouth, so ask other gold collectors in social media platforms, online, and in other outlets what gold buyers they recommend. Your local jeweler or pawn shop broker may also be interested in the gold you have for sale as well or can point you in the right direction if they know a gold buyer you can call.