3 Reasons To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

If you're in the market for an engagement ring and haven't come across any options that suit your or your partner's tastes, one alternative is to design your own engagement ring. Here are a few reasons to design a custom engagement ring for your partner.

1. You Have More Options When Designing Rings

One of the top reasons to design your own custom engagement rings is that the possibilities are seemingly endless. With an engagement ring from a retail jewelry store, you're limited to rings that the jeweler has in stock or that they can order. While small adjustments might be possible, you usually can't create your own ring. 

A custom ring allows you to choose the setting, stones, metals, and band that are a reflection of your stylistic preferences. This makes it possible to utilize less common settings or even design your own setting. You can use the gemstones that you like, even if they aren't conventionally used in an engagement ring.

2. A Custom Engagement Ring is Often More Cost-Effective

Another main benefit of designing a custom engagement ring is that it's often more cost-effective; this is due to a couple of different reasons. When you design your own ring, the jeweler you work with is often able to cut out the retailer that acts as the middleman.

The jeweler may be willing to pass some of these savings on to you. Even if you have a jewelry store design the ring, they may offer a lower price because they know they have a customer for the ring (which means it won't sit in their display case waiting for a buyer).

Designing a custom ring also helps you stretch your engagement ring budget as much as possible. Since you don't have to pay for ring components that aren't important to you, you can spend more on the details that you consider a priority. 

3. It's Possible to Incorporate Your Own Diamonds or Precious Gemstones

If you have a family heirloom that you want to use as an engagement ring, you can use the stone from the heirloom to design your own ring. This lets you retain the sentimental value of the piece while still adapting it to your partner's specific tastes.

You can make an antique diamond or gemstone the center stone of the ring, or you may combine them with other similar stones if you prefer a ring with multiple stones. Stick with a vintage setting that preserves the original look of the piece, or give it an updated setting for a more modern look.