Five Gifts to Give Your Boss That Has Everything This Holiday Season

Buying something special for your boss may be difficult, especially if it seems that they have everything. Think outside the box, and try to put a personal spin on the gift to make it more thoughtful and meaningful. Use what you know about your superior to get them a gift that they will use, enjoy, and remember for days to come.

Five gift ideas for the boss that has everything are:

1. Gorgeous glass platters. Give the boss something that they can enjoy at home or in the office—a gorgeous glass platter. There are some very distinctive and chic options at high-end jewelry venues, including platters that will echo the recipient's love of activities like tennis. Check out retailers like Studio Margaret for these versatile gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

2. High-end sporting goods. If your boss enjoys sports, buy something to improve their game. A great golf club, a new bat, or even apparel make excellent gifts to please that difficult-to-buy-for boss. Plus, you might get an invitation to join them on the court or field!

3. Entertainment memorabilia. Give your boss a collectible that they can display in their office. Pay homage to their love of movies, TV, or Hollywood with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia. This will show that you pay attention to what they enjoy and that you are thoughtful, too.

4. An engraved accessory. Your boss will appreciate the thought that goes into having something engraved for the holidays. For example, a business card holder or desk plaque is a useful gift, but so is a custom money clip or engraved lighter. Depending on the individual, any of these would make a suitable and memorable gift.

5. Something personal. You can also give your boss something personal and from the heart for the holidays. If you enjoy baking, whip up a batch of the boss's favorite treats; use a festive can from a discount store and a ribbon to complete the gift. Frame a copy of a piece of artwork made by a child or coworker for another personal gift that is unlike any other.

You won't have to ponder and wonder about what to buy the boss this holiday season when you use these five suggestions. The perfect gift could be a beautiful glass platter or a plate of cookies. Use what you know of your boss to find the right item to convey Christmas greetings this year.