Methods Of Making Quick Cash

If you have gotten yourself into a predicament where you need immediate cash in your hand, you may be a bit anxious and flustered in trying to figure out where you will be able to obtain it so quickly. In an age where most people rely on credit cards, getting someone to be able to pay you in cash for a sale or service can be a bit tricky. Here are a few places you can look to find cash when you have reason to need it right away.

Cash Sales

Get on your social media page and make an announcement that you have items for sale for the right price. Specify that anyone interested can come to your home with payment in exchange for the items you have for sale. Go through your home and look for a few items that you think you can part with without being upset. Make the prices extremely low so that people will be apt to jump on the offer. You may need to settle for much less than the value of the items, but you would have cash in hand.

Trying to sell on an online auction format is another option. Many auction websites have a feature available where you can sell an item for a set price without the need to bid. Make sure to indicate that you need payment as soon as the item is sold. 

Jewelry Sales

If you have any gold or silver jewelry or coins in your possession, you may be able to get cash for them by going to a cash for jewelry establishment. The business will have a trained professional available to take a look at your items and they will give you an offer of a price for the pieces you have brought in. The amount you will be offered will be based on the going rate of gold or silver for that day.

The company will need to make a bit of a profit, so the amount offered will be a little less than the amount on the gold and silver exchange tables. This is to be expected, however, because you will be able to walk out of the building with the money in your hand. Paying for convenience may be worth it to you if you need the money immediately.

Pawn Shop Sales

Taking items to a pawn shop is another way to get quick cash. These establishments will take gold, silver and other items of value and give you cash in exchange for the item. The difference with a pawn shop is that if you wish to try to get your belongings back, you will have the option in doing so if you pay the pawn shop back for the money they loan you for the items. If you are unable to make the payment back in time, the pawn shop will get to keep your belongings. Pawn shops will also buy items outright if you do not want to try to get the items back.