Common Questions About Ordering Custom Jewelry Answered

Jewelry has long been a way for individuals to display their social standing and accessorize their outfits. However, many people are not particularly attracted to the idea of buying mass produced pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, custom jewelry can be purchased from a variety of providers. However, if you have never made this type of purchase before, you may have some questions before you visit the jeweler. 

What Should You Expect During The Design Phase?

When you first decide to order custom jewelry, you will be required to meet with the craftsman that will be making it. There are many design details that will need to be discussed to ensure the finished items meet your needs and expectations. For example, you will discuss the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry. Often, this is done by you making a rough sketch of the item you want or choosing from a series of stock patterns the jeweler has available. 

In addition to these aesthetic concerns, you will also need to choose the materials that will be used in the creation of the jewelry, and you will need to provide sizing information. After you have provided these pieces of information, this professional will be able to quickly start working on your order. 

How Long Will It Take To Complete And When Do You Pay?

Some people may avoid ordering this type of jewelry because they assume that it will take many weeks or months to be completed by the jeweler. While it is true that it will take some time for these pieces of jewelry to be completed, this waiting can be more than worth it for you to own a unique piece of jewelry. Furthermore, most people will not have to wait as long as they may think for this project to be completed. 

Once you and the jewelry have finalized the plans for the piece of jewelry, you will be presented with a quote that will provide you with an estimated completion date. Additionally, it may be possible for you to rush the order by paying an additional fee. At the time you agree to the quote, you will usually be asked to make a down payment for the order, and the rest of the balance will be due when you go to pick up the jewelry. 

Custom jewelry can be an excellent way of complementing your attire with unique accessories. However, if you have never ordered these items before, understanding the answers to these common questions will help you be better prepared when you go into this process. For more information, contact a specialist like Bender's Jewelers.